PsychCare – Psychiatric Services for Refugees


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OSF Public Health Program, Mental Health and Rights

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Project description:

PsychCare – Psychiatric Services for Refugees

PsychCare – Psychiatric Services for Refugees is a project funded by the Open Society Foundation (OSF, and is made as part of the activities of the Public Health Program, Mental Health and Rights .

PsychCare responds to the need better address the psychosocial needs of migrants and asylum seekers in Italy by supporting the capacity of the national reception system – understood as a multi-level, multi-agency system – to provide the necessary services and promote cultural growth within the system as the basis for improving service provision.

Implemented in four regions (i.e., Lazio, Lombardy, Campania, Sicily), PsychCare focuses on the analysis and identification of common solutions, coupled with increasing stakeholder awareness and buy-in, that addresses the following primary issues:

  1. How to support the psychosocial well-being of migrants and asylum seekers within the reception system?
  2. How to promote an increase in the involvement of the National Health System and speed up service delivery, ensuring effective health services delivery and guaranteeing local service access?

Long-term, the goal is to improve the provision of mental health services to migrants and asylum seekers in the Italian reception system to protect their psychosocial well-being and enhance their capacity for independent living and social integration.

PsychCare will lead to the development of National Guidelines for the Provision of Psychosocial Services to Refugees in addition enhanced awareness, engagement and cooperation at the local, regional, national, and EU level.

The project will be carried out in collaboration with the Crossing Dialogues and a wide network of stakeholders.

PSYCHCARE 2 – 2021

In light of the goals achieved, the project has been refinanced until 31st December 2021 under the name: “PsychCare 2 – Implementation of PsychCare giudelines developed for the purpose of coordinating mental health support for refugees in accommodation centres”.

In particular, the project aims to:

  • Consolidate and expand regional networks for the improvement of mental health services for forced migrants;
  • Disseminate and continue advocacy work at regional and national level for the adoption of the Guidelines developed by the Psychcare project;
  • Developing a training programme on the guidelines in cooperation with the Italian Society of Psychiatry



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