Senior Project Manager

Moreno Benini

Degree in Literature specializing in Anthropology


Moreno Benini holds a degree in Literature specializing in Anthropology. He has worked for the IPRS since 2000 and as senior researcher has matured many years of experience in the field of immigration and Third Country National Integration policies. In particular, he has closely studied the evolution of multiculturalism in Italian society and specifically; the integration of foreign nationals in various contexts (e.g. school, workplace, social/cultural life), unaccompanied foreign minors, discrimination and the development of local communities. He has conducted ethnohistorical and anthropological studies in Peru, Albania and Italy which have also been published in articles, publications and reports.

His specific skills in planning and coordinating research activities have allowed him to apply research to areas such as: the study and management of social aspects related to immigration and the government of the territory, the analysis of cultural and identity transformation due to immigration flows and multicultural interaction. Furthermore, his experience as cultural mediator has given him solid theoretical and practical skills in facilitating the interaction between Public Administration bodies and foreign users.

He has carried out tutoring and training activities for Public Administration personnel (Ministries, Regional and Local Councils, other public bodies) throughout Italy. In the role of Strategic Consultant he has also implemented governance systems to monitor migration on a local level as well as set up networks and systems to assess the impact of social and welfare strategies. As lecturer and tutor in adult training courses his subjects include: immigration and foreign minors, reception and immigration policies, intercultural dynamics, social and cultural mediation.