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Psychoanalytic Institute for Social Research
Since 1987 we have been observing and analyzing, with the tools of psychoanalysis and the social sciences, the processes and changes that go through contemporary society.


Areas of intervention

Social deviance and Justice Systems

Social deviance is one of the main issues which concerns the social system. Therefore, over the years we have gained a unique expertise dealing with subjects such as restorative justice, the victims of crimes, models of governance and the taking into care of minors. Our specialization in dealing with these matters is both on a national and international level.

Childhood and adolescence

Since the beginning we have always taken an interest in the welfare of children and adolescents with particular regard to situations of intra and extra familial distress. In collaboration with the main educational institutions we help develop theoretical intervention models to support young people and their families in a state of vulnerability.

Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry, Ethnopsychiatry

As an institute we have always combined clinical practice with social research. In the clinical practice context our main focus is on adolescence and the issues regarding multi-problematic families. In the ethnopsychiatric context we focus on unaccompanied foreign minors and refugees.

Immigration and discrimination

The challenges posed by immigration and integration policies constitute some of the most complex and important phenomena our country and Europe have to face. The struggle to contrast discrimination and racism, the issues regarding integration and the capacity building actions to be put into place are matters which we have been involved in as forerunners since the 90’s.

Education, training and employment

Another area in which we have continuously been involved regards education and employment. Over the years we have strived to identify effective strategies to contrast problems such as; school dropout rate, bullying, the transition from school to employment, the training/re-training of displaced workers and the constant readjustment of the current labor policies.

Social participation and active citizenship

The involvement of civil society and the tertiary sector is essential if we want to address the emerging social needs. For this reason we have always sustained organizations and all those involved in creating means for a greater and more active participation in society life.


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