The Psychoanalytic Institute for Social Research is composed of research, intervention and training experts in the medical, psychological and social fields. It aims to:
  1. Promote research in the medical, psychological and social fields with particular attention to the following areas:
    • prevention, diagnosis and treatment of childhood and adolescent psychological disorders, mental disorders, physical and mental disability;
    • psychiatric rehabilitation;
    • prenatal education, maternal-fetal psychiatry, gestational psychoanalysis;
    • socio-cultural issues related to aging, old age and the elderly;
    • medical, psychological and social issues related to the migration phenomenon;
    • racism and xenophobia;
    • sociopathic behavior in childhood and adolescence and juvenile deviance;
    • health education and risk-taking behavior;
    • bioethics and ethics for healthcare professionals;
    • ethical, legal and social aspects related to biomedical research;
    • socio-psychological impact of new technologies;
    • training and teaching methodology;
    • occupational psychology;
    • marketing psychology;
    • group management.
  2. Provide refresher and training courses for operators (doctors, psychologists, sociologists, teachers of all levels and specialization) in the above mentioned fields;
  3. Apply the results of research to the clinical field;
  4. Carry out inquiries, studies, reports and research for our own purposes or on behalf of National and International entities;
  5. Plan, execute and evaluate educational and training campaigns for the medical, psychological and social spheres;
  6. Deal with any other medical, psychological or social related issue approved by the Administration Board.
The Chairman is responsible for the general guidelines and directs and supervises the Institute’s activities in accordance with the statutory rules. In order to fulfill its statutory goals, the Institute may employ full time staff, paid or unpaid freelance staff, trainees, interns, doctoral students and/or academics from outside the Institute itself.