Chiara Peri

Senior Project Manager

Chiara Peri

Degree in Literature (Semitic Philology) – La Sapienza University of Rome

PhD in Jewish Studies – University of Turin

Specialization at the SPICeS – School of International Cooperation and Development, Rome.


I collaborated with the Astalli Center for 19 years, the head office of the Jesuit Refugee services (JRS), where I held various positions: Project Coordinator, International Relationships Manager and Manager of Interfaith Dialogue Activities. I was also involved in policy making and advocacy, participating in the National Asylum table and the Migrant Miners table.
I gained considerable experience in the roles of coordinator, contact person and expert in many National and International projects (FER, FEI, FAMI, FSE).
As a researcher I have participated in various research projects regarding International Law and Social Sciences.
I have published a number of articles on forced migration and the asylum and reception system in Italy and in Europe. I also continue to collaborate on a regular basis with the publications Aggiornamenti Sociali and Dossier IDOS.
I collaborate as advisor/supervisor on the Master of Nonprofit Administration (MNA) course at the University of San Francisco, on the Master “New horizons of cooperation and International Law” at the Lateranense University of Rome and Loyola University of Chicago.

Alongside my work in the field of forced migration, for many years now, I have also conducted academic research  in the History of Religion and in the Ancient Near East, as a continuation of my University and Post graduate studies.