Senior Project Manager

Catia Isabel Santonico Ferrer

Degree in Political Science specializing in International Politics

International Master in Project Cycle Management (PCM) – University of Pavia

Degree in Applied Clinical Psychology – La Sapienza University of Rome


Catia Isabel Santonico Ferrer as part of her PCM work coordinated projects in post-war Kosovo focused on peace-keeping. She has also held the position of consultant for the FAO on matters concerning participatory and negotiated territorial development and conflict management.

As senior researcher with the IPRS for the past 10 years she has been able to put to use her experience and multidisciplinary skills in the development and implementation of projects regarding a variety of social issues (immigration, social and scholastic integration of foreign  minors, discrimination, juvenile justice, school drop-out, bullying, parent/school communication, education alliance). Furthermore, her ability to identify emerging social needs allows her to develop and/or improve models of integration between services and private or public users.

Her full understanding of the educational system as a whole permits her to develop, monitor and assess interventions aimed at the teaching body/students in conjunction with the Education Board and local or National services. In addition, she not only has experience in the coordination of support for social services but has also worked extensively in the juvenile justice field. This work has involved both the governance of the judicial system in Italy and Europe and the exchange of effective methodologies developed in other European countries.

Most recently, she has been dealing with the issue of restorative justice and the possible innovative methods aimed at conferring more attention to victims.