Senior Project Manager

Alessia Mefalopulos

Degree in social anthropology
Masters in immigration and racism


Alessia Mefalopulos holds a Degree in social anthropology and a Masters in immigration and racism, as well as experience in International cooperation in Latin America and the Balkans. She is an International expert with regards to immigration, integration, discrimination and racism. Within the IPRS she compiles, implements and coordinates European projects both on a National level and in conjunction with European partners. Through her role she has gained a consolidated National and European network of collaborations from universities to research centers, NGOs, public bodies and local authorities.

As Senior Project Manager she drafts and utilizes qualitative research methods, with an ethnographic and participatory approach in particular. Over the years she has designed and implemented good practice research and exchange projects funded by the European Commission on issues related to; the integration of migrant families and young people, the dynamics of migrant communities, anti-discrimination policies in Italy and in Europe, cultural stereotypes and deviance and foreign minors. Thanks to her close collaboration with European partners, she is very familiar with the social and political issues regarding immigration in various countries. She is particularly informed on the complexities surrounding the implementation of migrant reception and integration policies throughout the various European countries.