Senior researcher

Alessia Attar

Degree in Political Science

Master’s Degree in Immigration Studies  (La Sapienza University, Rome).


After having attendedan International school of theatre and clowning I graduated in Political Science and, intrigued by the multicultural transformation of Italian society, I decided to deepen my knowledge in this field by obtaining a Master’s degree in Immigration from the Sapienza University of Rome.

Following my collaborations with the UNHCR and the CIR, where from the outset I dealt with issues related to foreign minor refugees/asylum seekers, I started working for the IPRS. Here I have occupied the role of scientific coordinator in conjunction with the committee for foreign minors set up by the DG for Immigration of the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies. Over the course of more than 10 years I have greatly increased my knowledge of the migration phenomenon and in particular the issues pertaining to minors. Such issues include; social relationships and discomfort, school dropout, problems within the family sphere, child deviance and restorative justice.

My role includes planning, implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of activities which are specifically designed to encourage integration. I also support the private and public stakeholders involved in setting up networks of intervention in this field.

My profound understanding and competence regarding the above mentioned issues have seen me at the head of many important research projects. In fact, I have planned, coordinated, trained and tutored in a large number of complex projects set up in conjunction with the public administration departments for policy making, among which; the Ministry of labor and Social Policies and the Ministry of Justice (in particular with the Department of Juvenile Justice).