Founding Member

Attilio Balestrieri

Bachelor of medicine



Physician, psychoanalyst, founding member of the Psychoanalytic Institute for Social Research, member of the Italian Society of Migration Medicine and Honorary Judge at the Juvenile Court of Rome.

Attilio Balestrieri has been part of the elaboration and implementation process of the majority of the Institute’s initiatives. His experience has led him to develop the specific skills necessary to design, structure, coordinate and evaluate all aspects of research activities (surveys, analyses, etc.) He not only has a profound interest in the issues of integration and non-discrimination of migrants within   affluent societies, but in the last five years has also been concerned with the following topics: identity and integration of immigrant minors, familial dynamics, juvenile unrest, juvenile justice, criminology and restorative justice. In the nineties he contributed to the formation of the Regional Immigration Health Group and as member of the IPRS he strives to maintain a constant interest in migration health issues. In particular, he advocates migrant’s rights to access National healthcare and the importance to boost cultural mediation practices and ethnopsychiatry.