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The PROMISE (Promoting Youth Involvement and Social Engagement) youth research project is not only all about research into young people’s experiences, but also brings the results together and articulates Policy Recommendations for Stakeholders at regional, national and European levels.

PROMISE explores young people’s role in shaping society by focusing on the different ways they engage with social, environmental and political issues, and how they present opportunities for positive social change across Europe.

Would you like to know more about…

… how policy makers at the European level can promote the social engagement of young people? Read on about the importance of recognising diverse life paths, creating safe spaces for young people and more in our European Policy Brief here.

… how policy makers at the national level can positively influence social engagement of young people? Read more about why it is important to involve marginalised youth such as young muslims in national counter-terrorism measures in our UK national Policy Brief here and find an overview of all national Policy Briefs here.

… how policy makers at the local level can encourage young people to share their views and get involved? Find out why it is important to bring younger and older generations together when talking about gender in our Portugese national Policy Brief here, and find more recommendations here.