Istituto psicoanlitico per le ricerche sociali

Senior Project Manager

Vanja Stenius

Bachelors in Psychology and Economics (Stanford University)

Masters in Criminal Justice (Rutgers University)

PhD in Criminal Justice (Rutgers University)


After completing a double major in Psychology and Economics and Stanford University I did clinical work with children at-risk and persons with serious mental illnesses before beginning graduate studies at the Rutgers University of School of Criminal Justice as an Excellence Fellow where I completed my Masters and PhD, writing a dissertation entitle “Imprisonment and Diminishing Marginal Returns” and working on various research projects in the areas of mental health in the criminal justice system, violence against women and trauma, the social construction of crime, and situational crime prevention.

In Italy and in Europe I have coordinated, managed and developed research project for more than 10 years, often in cooperation with IPRS where I worked on topics such as migration and questions of identity, restorative justices, juvenile justice, discrimination, and the governance of diversity. During this time, I had the opportunity to work at the local, national, EU, and international level in partnership with universities, research institutes, NGOs, and public bodies in implementing research projects with a significant action component, contributing to the development of new practices, procedures and policies. In the last few years I have also addressed areas such as radicalization and victim protection.

The use of a multi-disciplinary approach runs throughout my work, which has brought me to embrace research, development related actions and training capable of leading to real change in the various systems and services within society.

I have taught various university level courses as well as trained practitioners within social services and the juvenile justice system. My publications include books, peer review articles and various writings dedicated to frontline practitioners, policymakers and others.