Ettore Tavoletta

Senior researcher

Clinical and Developmental Psychologist


An expert psychologist, he has managed and coordinated many complex research and intervention projects. For the past 5 years he has been involved with leading desk and field researches, managed National and European projects and coordinated partnerships with agencies, institutions and private stakeholdes. He has expertly trained and supervised institutional operators dealing with juvenile offenders and their families as well as being involved with phenomena such as school dropout and bullying. For quite some time now in fact, he has been working to contrast such issues, especially in areas characterized by grave conditions of hardship.

He has gained many years of experience in clinical work regarding the psychiatric rehabilitation of young patients and patients of Judicial psychiatric hospitals on parole.

His knowledge and experience in the fields of psychiatry, juvenile justice, social exclusion and high school dropout rates have led him to research, study and identify ever new methods of psychosocial intervention. Methods which can be translated into effective operational practices.